Guess who’s a big sister!

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My niece Joanna has a new baby brother. His name is Samuel Paul Ward and he was born around 2am this morning CST. He’s 8lb 2oz and 21 inches long. I am extremely moved that they chose a long standing family name. There has been a Samuel Ward in each generation. I have a cousin Sam and my uncle Keith is Samuel Keith Ward. I’m pretty sure. And my grandpa is Samuel Ward. Kirk, being way far down the line as far as Ward grandchildren, has the unique priviledge of naming the first male Ward of this new generation Samuel. A special blessing is that my way cool sister in law not only labored and gave birth to the little guy, after a too long pregnancy, but she was also so gracious to give the Ward family another Samuel. A 2008 model. Great Job Kirk and Sarah! I can’t wait to meet him! Maybe this summer….