A lot of this lately

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I think this is my fave, originally uploaded by katiek2.

I would love to post pictures of artwork but it’s all still in a process that’s not worth posting. Now that one deadline is over I have a couple new ones. Specifically Clothesline. I have been waiting for Photoshop to arrive in the mail and I”m starting to sweat! Pray that it arrives soon! As soon as my new Photoshop gets here I will get the design done immediately, order them and get them into our hands to mail out! There is so much that goes into Our Clothesline Show, my little part seems like the tip of the iceburg. I love doing it though.

I also have art projects to grade( I should have had that done two weeks ago), course descriptions and supply lists to make up. And I’ve had another homeschooling group ask me if I would teach ten pre-teen girls next fall. I’m kinda dreading August, but with a sense of a really interesting chapter of my life. Kids in school, teaching school, possible grant. Lord, give me grace! Changes are scary but they are necessary in order to make me wiser, more flexible, and ultimately more selfless.

I have started a gouache piece of the brick church on Read Ave and I have my eye on another plate with the cool orange Taco Stand on it. I love the shape of that taco stand!

We had a discussion of the film Into the Wild last night and found ourselves talking about our children and how to bridge the time period where they venture out on their own. We prayed that the so-called “inevitable distance” would not be an issue in our families, and we would strive through prayer and patience to guide our children into adulthood instead of having them want to rebell against what we are as parents. It’s kinda terrifying, because we still have no idea who these little people will be. But trusting the Lord to help us parent and trusting that He will lead them no matter what gives us comfort.

Having my daughter melt-down into a first class drama queen just reminds me to be patient, and much like my mother, stop, be silent and listen. Even though I have multiple opportunities to advance my career, I have to remember my life goal is not to be an amazing sucessful artist, but to be a great mother, wife and child of God.


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