Little Bug in the Road

I procrastinated. Well sorta, every time I start something else I feel like I’m procrastinating from another thing I need to be doing. I’m putting off challenging pieces for Clothesline. But I’m teaching printmaking Monday in class, we’ll be carving into the Easy-Cut Blocks. I had to try it myself and I was looking forward to trying it! I love printmaking! I did my little beetle, and I like it, I want to print this little guy on all kinds of paper in all kids of colors!
And on the crappy, horrible, whatta-bad-day, side of things: I wrecked the Prev on the way home from the CDM today. I was driving, I didn’t stop at the damn blinking red at the end of Carter Street and I got hit. I am praising God that we are all OK. Let me say that again PRAISE GOD WE ARE ALL OK!!! I have some fear about the process. The man I hit was really mad, and the woman in the car with him, who was disabled already, was sent off in an ambulance. I do not want to be full of fear, but I am afraid of the outcome. I have never been in a wreck like this. I was in shock for quite a while. I am ashamed of myself, that I did this with my kids in the car. The kids got over it really quickly, they were bringing me loads of dandilions as we waited for the police to come. But I also am amazed that I haven’t wrecked before. I mean screaming fighting kicking children in the backseat, isn’t that a recipe for an accident? That could have happened whenever. It shook me up good, lots of tears. lots of what if’s. Honestly, what I have resolved about this is that (besides the inconvenience) I want to pray for the other party involved. They need it, and I need to get my mind off me.


4 thoughts on “Little Bug in the Road

  1. jen k

    oh, kate… i’m so sorry to hear about the Prev wreck… Praise God you are all ok… and may I just say, even the best moms have crap like this happen. i know you are replaying it in your head a million times. don’t beat yourself up too much, my friend… everyone makes mistakes and at least we have a father above to thank for grace, forgiveness and all the protection we have everyday that we never seem to see.
    love ya, girl… this too shall pass.
    cute beetle by the way… maybe you can name it “Beetle Bard”…. nice to see you hand in print again… keepin’ us guessin’ eh.
    smooches, j

  2. Thank God you were all okay. Prayers on the way for calmness for you and for the others involved. ((hugs))
    Enjoy your week and don’t worry about the Prev.

  3. Oh, Kate, I’m so sorry. I know you’ll feel shaken up for a while but Jen’s right, don’t beat yourself up. And keep praying for those other folks; when the spirit of fear wants you, throw the opposite Spirit out there, baby! Love you!

  4. Linda

    So sorry you had to go through this. I know that must have been really scary. I’m so thankful our God holds us, and reminds us that we are not in control even through hard things. I’m praying that God will give you peace through all the details of the situation.

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