Convincing Myself

I want to write a long post about how the last few days have been overwhelming, but still good. I guess that’s what life usually is. For me. I keep myself in a constant state of “things I should be/want to be doing”. The car accident was something that I had no idea would affect me the way it did. I’ve hit things before, I’ve hit other cars, although it’s been 10 years. Looking at what we’ve been praying for and longing for and fitting the accident into that, it’s funny, and wierd. I’m trying to tell my brain that my heart is right, right now.
And that with this life-altering thing (cuz that’s what I think of it as, a thing), have been the tasks that I normally do. And I went on, achieving satisfying results. God blessing is still on us and shines on my efforts. I had a wonderful day printmaking with my two art classes on Monday. They all had a blast! I took on the always daunting task of designing the Clothesline Art Show card, and it came out well, I think it will make an impression. I received a call from someone doing a short video on ArtsMove from the Lyndhurst Foundation and they want to interview me for their video. I made a list of the artwork I have for Clothesline and I already have around 18 pieces just going in! I talked with another homeschool/cottage school leader last night about teaching art to around 10 7th graders, and man, that would be nice! I could make $1000 a month teaching art! I’m thinking now as I read all the summer camp stuff in Chattanooga Parent that I should do a freakin’ Summer Camp! I mean dang!
Even though I have no idea if I will get one of those itty bitty grants that Create Here has to give away, I still want to work on my vision. The thing is, will it sell? I’d love to take a survey some time to find out what the Clothesline clientelle would want. Maybe if I did that I’d be painting Mini Metros and Pods my whole life. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Well….we all want to see growth. Bunny trail, so this is the church at the end of Read Ave here on the Southside. There are many lines I need to fix, but I am in love with gouache and the character of it. I just add another layer and it dries to a wonderful matte texture. I’m sure there will be a circle in this one before too long.
I feel the trasition to one car will be challenging, but this is the perfect time of year to do it. Now if we could stick it out until mid-May to June… stay tuned, I might just become that biking Mama the Chatt TFP cited.


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