Chalking it Up

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When you don’t have a yard, sidewalk chalk is survival. Eden especially can spend quite a while drawing and coloring in different shapes. She’s my little concentrated artist. While Josiah is hopping around being a ninja, she’s coloring the drawing of a ninja I made. Filling in each shape perfectly and meticulously.
Our friends Missy and Kevin Luce had their little boy on Tuesday. Birch Augustine Luce was born around 11am after a labor with no complications. He did have a high fever and low blood sugar so he was wisked away to the NICU. We’re praying that today his labs come back all clear and they can come home Friday. Kevin is a doctor and it was interesting to hear his observations as to how the process worked this time around. It makes me very thankful for having two natural laborings, and one natural birth. It also makes me realize how blessed I was that even though Josiah was a lazy nurser and Eden had a smidge of a high white blood cell count, both of my kids are FINE, they were then, and they are now.
Joel’s cousin Katie had her first baby at home on Tuesday, a little girl. Two birth’s two very different scenerios.
The Clothesline Art Show invites arrived on Tuesday, a baby of mine I guess. They are being folded by willing helpers. Now to get the poster done so we can advertize. I have a few more pieces of art under my belt to start and to finish. I wish I had more to show ya. I need some selfish time, and Lord knows that that is hard to come by these days.