Wierd days, Good Neighbors

I’ve been working on prints for the Clothesline Art Show. It feels a little wierd since we have 3 wonderful printmakers in the show already. I use the Clothesline Show to experiment, try something out and see if it works. Last year I tried my watercolors out and they were very sucessful. This year I have a few paintings on bamboo plates and a couple prints on bamboo plates. But since I did a short printmaking session with my students this semester I’ve got the itch to try prints of my own compositions. I have the beetle and I did one of Cookie that is unfinished, but I kinda like it the way it is. And I have this Fawning print. It’s the best compositionally. All I want to do is print it a million times on every sort of paper and substance. Watch out kids, mama might stamp you with a beetle, bunny or deer if you get too close! I feel I am still procrastinating. I see the deadline but I am in this fog and I can’t seem to shake it. I think I’ve been in it since the car accident.
And then yesterday, some jerk stole Joel’s bike. In the middle of the day while I was washing the floors for small group. Broad %$^&ing daylight!! And it was an unusual day since almost all my neighbors were gone. He walked right up to our back porch and walked away with it. On top of that he left his sorry crap of a bike leaning up against our house! I couldn’t even touch it, how repulsive. So last night we pulled together our game face and had a nice time at small group, then as I washed dishes later, I cried about many things. Our bikes, our van, our debts, things had to come to a head. Joel and I are taking steps toward taking care of all our previous home debt. But the car and the bike, I mean man! What luxuries must we live without! This morning I noticed that my broken bike was also gone. Someone had eyes for our stuff. I have been trembling with some sort of panicky frustration all day. I want to hang out with my kids and be relaxed but I just can’t. I have been snappy and distracted. Forgive me kiddos. So I wrote our buddy Rob Simmons the police officer. Then while I was out at the store with the kids, I got calls telling me the guy had come back for HIS BIKE and walked off with it! Thank God, I didn’t want to see that crappy thing. My neighbors called the cops, called me, and one of them hopped in his car and took pictures of the guy! Great job Gabe!
My other neighbor Smitty made this make-shift wanted poster. Talk about an aggressive neighborhood watch! Notice our thief has a dad-gumm BEER KEG in one hand! I would have loved to see him trying to ride with that thing. I knew that living downtown could not leave us with the luxury of stuff not getting taken, but man, we have great neighbors. I can’t jump in my car and hunt him down, I have two kids! But thankfully, their is a comradery in Jefferson Heights.
It would be super keen to get our bikes back, pitch-fork angry mob style, but from now on I’ll get big fatty chains for my stuff and call the cops alot. Also, Gabe’s wife Noelle offered Joel a Mtn bike that she had sitting around the garage. I was praying alot this morning, and God has given me a peace that is unexpected.


3 thoughts on “Wierd days, Good Neighbors

  1. jerah

    That’s funny, I was just having a conversation with my sister in San Diego. Her husband just got his bike stolen too… I gotta say, I feel your pain. NYC is bike theft central of the world. No joke. Kryptonite locks even come with a special disclaimer: most of them are guaranteed against theft, anywhere in the country, EXCEPT NYC. We’ve learned the hard way: buy a really good lock and a really cheap bike, and you’ll sleep better at night. Or, if you just have to have the shiny new mountain bike, spray-paint the frame a dull color (after taking it apart, of course) or cover up all the shiny newness/brand name stickers with electrical tape. The crappier it looks, the less likely it is someone will steal it.
    I hope you get your bikes back, I really do.

  2. Man, I know how you feel. I felt exactly the same way when our house was broken into and my Gary Fisher bike was stolen. The junk-head was selling our stuff less htan 2 blocks from our house! I followed him around for days and even called the cops, but they never arrived in time. It was all I could think about. I was pissed. After a week I realized i had to let and go because I was no good otherwise. Makes me appreciate David and the Psalms a little more when he is upset it seems the wicked get away with everything.

  3. that poster is way too funny! we were following all of the drama while in boston and just could not help but laugh at the image of the theif on bike with keg…who does that kind of thing anyway?

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