I gave it the old college try

Make Work Grant Essay: Katie Ward Knutson
Provide a detailed description of the project or purpose for which the funds are being requested:
The project I want to pursue is a new body of work that reflects my illuminated memories and the universally familiar things to which we respond. I would like to complete between twelve and fifteen pieces. I would like to focus on the architecture and urban decay of these historical neighborhoods we are building back up. I would like to show a hope and a brightness as things are restored. I would like to show the beauty of Chattanooga by emphasizing the uniqueness of having wooded areas and city so accessible. While using Chattanooga as a central inspiration, I would like to study and experiment with universal connectedness as far as shapes, lines, and creatures. I would like to reflect on the instinct of all of us to look at the very top of a tall building as we walk past it, to look at the horizon as it stretches out in front of us, and the instinct of looking another creature in the eye and identifying with its presence at that point, at that time.
Explain how this will contribute to your own artistic development (the impact and outcome you hope to achieve).
This new body of work would consist of larger pieces and a greater quantity of pieces than I have been able to produce on my own. I would like to explore watercolors and more works on paper. I have been experimenting with this lately and have enjoyed the result very much. I would like to push myself to do large works on canvas as well.
I hope to achieve a level of symbolism and conceptual communication that I have not explored fully. I hope to challenge myself as far as technical skill, historical accuracy, and unique compositional approaches.
I am a mother of two small children. I love my position in life because I feel more settled and more reflective. This opportunity will give me a big step up to create a complete, mature body of work and give me the freedom to experiment without hurting my familys resources.
Describe how the project will benefit the greater Chattanooga art community.
There are many obvious ways that I feel my project will benefit Chattanooga. I think it will give a very personal testimony to the history and growth of Chattanooga through me, the artist. I have grown up in and returned to Chattanooga with my family to start a new batch of memories. This body of work will inspire us to feel united as a city, but also to unite us with the power of restoration. The hope for the future, making our city great, each residents fingerprints; these things will illuminate the good works here.
I hope the drive for restoration will be universal to anyone who views my work and wishes to see any sort of change happen in their city, community, home and family. I would like to reach toward the future with brightness and celebrate the time that has past in a beautiful way.


2 thoughts on “I gave it the old college try

  1. jen k

    great ideas, kate! i hope you can continue the exploration of urban decay and growth on your own as you are now… i really like the new works. too bad we both got the ol’ boot on the grant, but can’t wait to see what they approved.

  2. Becky Sparks

    OH Katie! I knew you invested so much time into this worthy effort. I hope you aren’t too discouraged, but sensed that you may be.
    I was eating lunch with a girl on Saturday, who said she got an interview and all I could think about was if you made it to that level as well.
    I will be praying for your confidence and comfort today.

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