This is never fun

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I’ve had a whole week of yuck. Morning Sickness has defined itself pretty well for this mama. I’m sick until 11am. I haven’t ralphed or anything it’s just pretty miserable. I remember having all these problems before but man, what’s getting me these days is the responsibilities I have now. The decreased energy level is making me kinda sad. I have art I want to make, a house that’s FLITHY, and two wonderful kids that I’d love to entertain but I’m toast! I nap almost every afternoon, falling asleep to the disappointment that my bathrooms are collecting more and more grossness. I can only be thankful that this sickness means that this new bun is baking pretty well. The kids have been really nice. Saying things like, “Mama, are you feeling sick?” “I’ll give your sick tummy a kiss” and “Is the baby all better?”. Josiah is adorable, he leans down to my tummy and says, “I love you baby”. I had no idea the kids would react so well and so often.
I am hoping I can enjoy the Clothesline Show. If I feel this bad every morning and exhausted every afternoon I might hafta curl up on Laura’s comfy red couch and take a snooze. The company and the relaxation will be wonderful though. And even though I have other pieces I’d like to finish, I am thankful I have plenty to show at this point.
So thank you blogland for all your well-wishes and congratulations. I still can’t believe this sweet face is going to be a big sister.
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4 thoughts on “This is never fun

  1. Flithy is whole new level of filthy. I believe in the nefarious UnMaker which is always coming on my trail. Congrats on number 3. It better be another girl for our boys to choose from.

  2. Flithy, yeah, it’s a whole new level!! You don’t know how many typos I fixed in this blasted post before I posted. Of course I forgot the big capitalized one.
    Ok, I’ll have to fix it now.

  3. I’m convinced the only way women continue to bear children is that we forget how awful we feel until faced with it again. 🙂
    Don’t beat yourself up too much about the filth. This is a short season in life.

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