Starling Darling

Cooommme, come to the Clothesline Art Show and buuuuyyy me!
I have been feeling a bit better in the mornings. Mostly because I figured out a little bit what I want to eat. I want to eat french fries. Yep, no doubt about it. When I’m feeling gross around lunchtime, all I want is something hot, fatty and salty. Although I also found that Goddess dressing from Trader Joe’s has an equal amount of satisfaction but not that immediate nausea turn off.
I’m slowly chipping away at my last Clothesline art pieces. I’d like to do one more plate. We’ll see how that goes. I have prints to do and watercolor pods. It’s all about balancing my energy.


3 thoughts on “Starling Darling

  1. Congrats!! So exciting! French fries and greasy food was my go to food for nausea in my first trimester too. If I felt bad in the morning I would stop for a McDonalds egg biscuit on the way to work and if I didn’t think I could make it until dinner I would stop for french fries on the way home. So healthy, I know

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