It’s already the Tenth

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After last night’s Clothesline Art Show meeting I breathed a sigh of relief. I always am unsure what our meetings will be like, and even though I do grow impatient with various subjects, I am very thankful that we are all commited to the group, and last night we also were pretty commited to getting done as soon as we could! That is ideal, especially to keep the patience of our group going and our families from going crazy. I feel like we have very little time to produce a show and the art to go with it, but you know, there’s always stresses that go into it, and when everything comes together it’s a beautiful thing. I think this past show, although it was fun, took it’s toll on all of us in different ways. I feel like the upcoming shows need to be bathed in prayer, and our little issues will be solved.
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I’ve been also re-evaluating where and what I need to pursue artistically. I got great feedback from the Clothesline jury back in ummm, March? and I hope to take on the challenge to create more work that they encouraged me to do. The watercolors of shots of Main Street and Jeff. Heights are so stimulating. I sold both pieces that I’ve done of Jeff. Heights. I got great feedback from those patrons too. I also know the power I have to do the Metro pieces. I feel they offer me a wider consumer base. It’s really hard not to just dive in that and swim in the approval of it all. I bought large sheets of Arches paper. It calls to me, asking me to draw out another Southside scene. I am kinda scared. Those pieces are so challenging and I hate to screw up and fail. Especially when I’m tired all the time. Canvases can be painted over, but a screwed up piece of paper that costs waaaaay too much for being a piece of paper is just painful. I’ve been enjoying the artistic crafts of planting plants, mulching my yard, cleaning (a little) and finding neat things to cook with my CSA food. But it’s time to dive in. It’s time to collect images, get as authentic as possible. I got an email from one of the managers at Smart Furniture, they want some local art for their walls. If they can take my large “Metropolitan” and my “Rotterdam” piece that would be great! They open in a couple weeks, and I’m hoping it works out. Here, buy this $5000 sofa and it’s just a smidge more to buy this original piece of frickin’ art! so yeah, it’s time to produce that “Fortune” piece. It’s time to not daudle anymore, because it’s already the tenth.


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