Our Papa

Happy Father’s Day to all you hardworking dads out there! As each year of parenthood goes by, I realize more and more that it’s hard to be a man. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m preparing to give birth a third time, but being a man, that’s hard in many ways. I think there are men in this generation that aren’t ready for fatherhood and shrink away from it. Some guys out there were surprised into the role of fatherhood, thankfully Joel was not surprised or shocked, he has welcomed each child with joy. Thankfully, all three of ours were pretty much planned too, that helps. But being a man that steps up to the role of fatherhood, dying to themselves to provide for family, humbling themselves to lay down their plans and pick up the leadership that not only leads the family in bread-winning (most times) but also in spiritual leadership. Being a man takes alot of emotional and physical energy even if we women might not see it. So be good to your dads today, don’t just buy them stuff, give them affection, affirmation, rest and remind them how much you are thankful for their hard work. And wives, no matter what their shortcomings, build them up with your words, and God will bless your man and your relationship with him because of your wonderful words.
I love my dad, and he definately sacrificed for us, and so does my husband. I see it also in my brother, my father in law and my brother in law. Laying down your plans to see your family thrive is so admirable. God bless you all, you rock.


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