Hey Psst!

I’m just here to catch up. Really the summer’s been plodding right along with little pockets of joy here and there. I still feel a big weight about this summer, but I am not dwelling on it, we still are ourselves no matter what changes. And I desperately want to feel sand in between my toes and spend an hour or more in a large chlorinated space with my kids giving little “hooray” jumps and splashes over and over. I do think I am getting away this weekend though. Because of Joel’s reoccuring hunger to not be “charismatic light” but to go all the way. I guess that goes for me too. I feel like a honeymoon period has ended. New friends become real, new experiences become hard work, and questions pop up that you don’t want the answer too. The place inside of me that grows is that place that wants to feel God building me up. I know I don’t have to run and find Him, but sometimes (and I think many do not even try) you have to take a chance and get out of your space and go somewhere. Whether it be a weekend alone with your spouse, a long drive with the windows down in the country, a long cry that comes from almost nowhere but everywhere at the same time, or it could be to go to Lakeland Florida and see what all the hub-bub is about. And that’s my version of Bobby’s Last Thoughts. Abbreviated like.
I have been battling some tell tale pregnancy demons. Headaches for one. They aren’t always bad, but they are annoying and they don’t really go away. I’m irritable. My volume level goes up quicker than it should, and little things that I could handle pretty easily will just send me retreating into a place of denial or send me on a rampage to straighten out every last frustrating tid-bit. My little darlings will have to forgive me every day for something I feel I went overboard on. Thankfully they forgive so well, with big hugs and kisses and ‘I love yous’.
With a little less than 3 weeks to complete 3 pieces of art I am hoisting myself up and in front of my easel again. I am hoping to capture a very interesting Tokyo at night piece. I’m not straying too far from my Metros right now, because I’ve gotten good feedback and I want to perfect certain things. So I have a long skinny black panel waiting to be painted on and I think I’m ready to start plotting out the composition.
I hope a weekend in Lakeland will bring some good stories and inspiration, I look forward to being out of these four walls.
Headache and all, I watched Be Kind, Rewind last night. What a charming movie! If you loved what High Fidelity tried to do for Jack Black you’ll love this one because it’s got a better plot and better characters (and less gratuitous language). And I love Mos Def, I think he’s one of the best looking men around. It just had those fun laughs that you love to have, and it’s heart warming. Check it out!


One thought on “Hey Psst!

  1. Oh, dude, Katie. I haven’t heard Last Thoughts On Woody Guthrie in years. My heart just clinched. Nothing makes me cry like Last Thoughts. Our Bootleg series got stolen in the ATL. Like anyone in the Atlanta inner city paid the druggie anything for some good ol’ Bob. I know it ended up in a ditch somewhere and that’s the worst part of it all. Man, we’ve just got to re-buy that thing.
    I can’t wait to hear how Lakeland goes. I’m glad y’all are picking up and going.

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