Feeling my branches reach up

So it takes until the end of June for my tired self to reach up to that creative place and shake of the dust and dross and decide that just consuming is not OK. If I want to have kids and involve them in what I know how to do and what makes me excited I have to get some fun project stuff for them to do. If you’re anything like me, stepping into a craft store is the temptation of a life time. Stepping into a school supply/artsupply/homeschool resource store is even more dangerous! But I restrained myself. I left with only one pack of stickers. I turned down the magnetic travel bingo game, the jumpnropes, the telling time kits, the chia pet heads and just stuck to my original goal: Get the kids some at home projects. They must be age appropriate (i.e. not just something I want to do) and I will not buy it if they aren’t into it. We made a volcano today out of self-hardening clay. Josiah has been asking to do this ever since Ms. BethAnn did it at school. And the best part is this is a multi step process that we can do over and over! We paint it, let it dry. We make little trees and houses. Then we add the baking soda and vinegar and let it explode over that over!!! Josiah was over joyed with the science section at the School Box store today and I must admit, I am a science junkie too. I remember my 8th grade Neptune project, ahhhh I loved that Newsweek magazine with Voyager pictures. He wanted the flashy fancy solar system kits and I told him that everything could be done at home. I did find a $3 double sided kit that we could do a mobile with. So we did that after we molded the volcano.
These little peg people are the things I am dying to play with. I just hope Eden loves them as much as I do. For $1.99 I got 8 peg people with stands. I remember seeing on Kiddley, or Loobylu about Amelia J and Claire doing these peg dolls and I think my daughter would love it! Dresses made of swatches of fabric glued on, painted faces, yarn hair. Perfect. I can’t wait! They would make great soldiers too….
I listened to a little Graham Cooke yesterday to get my bearings after all the Lakeland busy-ness keeps buzzing all around me. It gave me the itch to start my fortune painting for Artamajig. I can’t keep anything secret. I’m hoping that a weekend in Lakeland will inspire me to find some text to add to this one. It’s the image of a fortune teller in a dark alley in Tokyo. It has some great contrast. I can’t wait to see how it comes out.


One thought on “Feeling my branches reach up

  1. Oh, Katie, this is so good to hear!
    We’ve done the baking soda and vinegar, but didn’t build a volcano to go with it. Gid sat down at dinner one day and said, “What’s a chemical reaction?” So I did the experiment and Andy wrote out the chemical equation for what was going on. So funny.
    They did the little people, too and loved them til their little clothes fell off (the dolls – my boys are usually half clothed anyway).
    I can’t wait to see how this new metro turns out.

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