In the Bag

I’ve been wanting to kick back and write and feel eloquent and relaxed but it just hasn’t happened. We spent our 4th weekend sick with some kinda icky cold. Eden and I are still coughing a little. But we were able to squeeze in a lunch with the grandparents (I pray they don’t get sick) a splash at the Aquarium and we zipped home before fireworks. Too crazy down there to be fun. We made a trip to the CDM and marched with Clifford, Josiah got to stomp on bubble wrap fireworks. Yesterday we went up to see the ‘flying men’ at the Hang Gliding Park on Lookout. The kids loved it. Josiah was about to hi-jack a glider and get off the mountain a whole new way.
This week my brother and his lovely family are in town. The crazy part is, I have to complete THREE pieces of art before Saturday. And as always I have multiple little fires to put out. Joel has to work over-time so we can’t even squeeze in our ultrasound. UGH. I wanna find out boy or girl! It’s making me nuts! I pray God gives me supernatural energy to complete at least my Fortune piece and two small bitties for Clothesline, cuz dudes I’m wiped. And Joel thinks I’m nuts for trying to do it all. Maybe I am, but I am not a needy person and I want to meet my deadlines. Until I’m dead I guess.


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