Tokyo with Reflection

Well here it is (click on the image to view larger). I finished it on Wednesday afternoon, so my Wednesday night was very freeing. I then jumped into two drawings for more Jeff Heights houses painted in gouache. I hope I can get them to the point where the Clothesline ladies will have something to look at. I really didn’t want to create a dud for, and this one might not be my best. But I hope it is acceptable. I veneered the edges yesterday while I watched SVU on Project Free TV. Now I hafta screw some screws into the back, that makes me nervous. Hollis Gallery did it for me for the other two Metro’s that are on honkin’ big panels. I never have a good idea of what to price things for benefit auctions. They start the auction at 60% of the retail price, does that mean what I want? or what the gallery would price it at? You’d think I’d know what I’m doing. Whatever, I’m sure they’ll explain something to me today. Now to get brave and drill some holes in the back of my painting. Eeeep!


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