Clothesline Ladies

gimped group shot.JPG
I’m playing around with the free program GIMP. Since I cannot afford a Photoshop option these days. I’m hoping I can just fudge everything I need to do with this free program. I do like this nifty filter. Now if I can just pull myself up from all the somewhat difficult discussion we had with our Board yesterday. It might just be that I was tired and hungry, but I felt a bit weary and heart sick. I won’t give up my role or my tasks, but the debate and discussion just loses my attention. I feel that God is stretching us all as believers, artists, and friends. I did not come home from the meeting with any anger, for that I am thankful, but my emotions were raw. It was not one subject, but many, they are all important and God’s grace has showered on all of us. These shows would not succeed without His loving care on all of our lives and our efforts. I believe our Clothesline Show is an important ministry to the community. I have been feeling this importance for several weeks now, maybe that’s why the stresses of yesterday discouraged me. But God does not tell us that transition and growth will not be hard. I think I love control, and I have to give that up to my fellow artists, and to Him who gave us the gifts to begin with.


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