Snippets of Summer

Last week I saw Crabtree announced their blackberries were ready to be picked. Heck yeah! I wasn’t going to miss this one! I actually had to convince the kids that this would be fun. It was 95 degrees out, so we made it a quick trip. I let them do the hard work and I just tried to figure out whether the small blobby ones were sweeter, or the big tight ones. Josiah did find the biggest ones! We went to Grandma’s after and shared our booty with the Kirk’s. A little sugar and some whipped cream and Eden kept asking for more! The kids devored the rest of them over this past week, eating them frozen. Eden would still chomp into them. Ow, that makes my teeth hurt just thinking about it, Josiah would let it roll around and defrost in his mouth a bit. They even got over the fact we had no whipped cream after a while. Just a sprinkle of sugar. We need to hit the blueberries sometime soon, next week maybe.
And can I just share with you how cuddle-licious my new nephew is! This is Samuel Paul Ward. I will never have a child with this much density! He’s great, Eden was enthralled.


4 thoughts on “Snippets of Summer

  1. i call my little nephew sam, sam-b, pronounced like bambi, it’s short for sambone, i dunno! but you know his name is samuel keith. i love’em when they’re such sweet chunk-e boys, which is they way they oughta be, right? except for mr. jos, of course:)
    plus*ty for the beautiful helpful o.c.a.s words, it has helped tremendously, really truly!!!

  2. That boy’s not messing around, is he? So edible!
    We planted a blackberry bush and a blueberry bush this year. So far we’ve eaten at least four or five total berries. I’m hoping in a couple years we’ll be making jellies and pies. Right now our boys suffice w/frozen Costco berries. Ah, joys of summer. *sigh*

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