Corn Frenzy

The kids love the corn we get from our CSA from Sequachie Cove Farms*. I was outta ideas for dinner so I made a three pot meal. Boil rice, boil edamame, boil corn. Top rice with garlic salted black beans. Cut up fresh heirloom tomato. Supply condiments, let’s eat! The kids ate everything! Well, not the tomato, Joel and I gobbled that pretty tomato right up! Praise God for His bounty and for garlic salt! My kids ate those soybeans up like candy!
* the kicker to the fresh from the farm corn is the little friends you find while shucking the corn. Nice fat caterpillars! So thankfully they weren’t gross wormy things, more like the Eric Carle version. They weren’t necessarily they happiest thing to find, even Jos was a little put off when the green fellows were seen. But he was dead, he really can’t live in the fridge very long eh? They only made it to the top of the ear so, I promptly chopped the tops off the corn cleaned them well, all was fine. After dinner, I cleaned this week’s corn while I had the stamina, and the fortitude to ward off the willies. So I bet you all now think I’m either crazy or brave huh?


One thought on “Corn Frenzy

  1. amber’s boys found the worms in my corn and put their little hands to work. heck in some cultures i think the worms might just be apart of the meal! who knows, it’s been a blast to have a bounty everyweek anyway.

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