Three isn’t so lonely

The night before Joel left for Ragbrai he was very sad he was leaving us for so long. I also was a little worried that this week or so was going to be difficult, and that I was going to be lonely. What I have realized is that these little monkies that I take care of and drag around with me everywhere really are wonderful company. Why is that surprising? I mean yeah, they fight, I have to discipline them and they don’t stand up and make me dinner. But man, I love that Josiah crawls into bed with me at 6:45. He doesn’t snuggle with me he just fills the empty space in the bed. And that makes me feel less alone.
I love that Eden will just talk and comment on everything and I love that I’m not listening to myself. She’ll sit on my lap as long as I want her to and she lets me play with her hair.
Without the distraction of my husband, I have been list-making to get a buncha stuff done. These watercolor pieces have sat on my easel untouched since the last Clothesline meeting. I have been a slave to the Clothesline show card. It’s been really hard to get through this time, and it’s not because I had lots of opinions this time. It’s because it was just hard! So if you get it in the mail, or even if your name is on it, just remember it’s just a show card, and you can’t always have a winner. It’s on my flickr if you’d like to see it.
Thankfully Joel got thru to call me today. He’s had connection problems. But it was wonderful to hear that he’s doing well and dispite weather and other hang-ups he’s made each day’s trip without problems. He said he armwrestled an Iowan man the other day. The kids got to talk to him and it was cute listening to them tell Joel about going to VBS this week. They’re learning about Jesus being the Lamb of God and they seemed pretty impacted by the fact that God’s people would sacrifice lambs for their sins before Jesus came. It’s so wonderful to hear little Eden go into a long explaination about what they would do with the “sword” to the lamb. She seemed very serious about it, but not scared or thrilled.
I’m starting to feel this little one move, and as soon as we get back from Hilton Head we’ll have our ultrasound to find out if Joel’s desire for a 2nd girl will be validated. Ohhh, time for this mama to go to bed.


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