I’m really ready for Joel to get home. He’s sticking to the arrival time of 1 or 2 am. We’ll see! Both the kids are sick, so taking them someplace for fun is out. But going to the beach will not wait.Trying to pack for the beach is very difficult with kids tromping, coughing, sniffling and unpacking everything. But I really can’t complain. But the ever so useful ice/eye pack comes in handy on days like today. The kids get a kick out of it when I actually put it over my eyes. I pretend I’m some evil villian with “Frozen” in the name and when I capture them I rub my cold face on them. Squeals of delight! That’s if I can can past my tired throbbing head. A wonderful pregnancy symptom. I am thankful it’s not a migraine. Those seem to not exist for me this go around.
The Jefferson Heights Neighborhood Reunion is in full swing. That means I get to listen to very loud early Motown music for most of the afternoon and into the night. It ended at midnight last night.I got to hear 'My Girl' twice in a row. I thought about calling the police, but while I brushed my teeth…silence. Ahhh. I do like seeing all the original members of the school that used to be here and the many other residential spots that existed here. If I was brave I could probably score a pretty awesome fish sandwich. It's also kinda tricky to drive downtown this weekend with the scooters everywhere. Don't get my wrong, I love scooters. I think they're smart, cute and I dream of zipping around. But a scooter convention makes me nervous. Especially when driving in the rain the past couple days. Scooters were zipping around like cockroaches on wheels! I don't wanna hit anyone. Or even slip up a smidge. Cuz scooter jockeys can be just has gnarly as Harley riders. I can see the bird being flipped at me right now. Maybe I know too many gnarly scooter riders that would do that.
I will be glad to be on the way to Hilton Head tommorow and not dealing with the noise and traffic right outside my door.


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