Ultrasound Results!

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Special Order, originally uploaded by katiek2.

We’re having another girl people!
Joel’s gut feeling was right on. I don’t think he doubted really but he played it cool for me. My placenta is in a great place, that’s always good to know. Third time around I’m asking those questions. We’re kinda set on a name, but I’ll hold you in suspense until we’re sure. I also asked the tech if I was measuring 20 weeks, and she said I was a little smaller. I KNEW IT! She set my due date Dec 26th! Whoa Boy! It’s ok with me. It’ll be a nice Christmas present. I’m happy no matter what. Guess it’s time to dust off the ole pink stuff!


4 thoughts on “Ultrasound Results!

  1. Linda

    Hooray for girls! I must say I loved having two bitty girls after my boy. We seem to have the same pattern. So excited for you about this new little girl.

  2. Congrats on another girl! Sisters and great and even tho I officially don’t have a preference with our number 3, having a sister for Alice would be awesome. We’ll see!

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