The Nagging Future

Tomorrow is Josiah’s first day of school. Of course, due to “Phase In” he’ll have Mon-Thurs off next week too. Kinda annoying. Everywhere we go these days the first question to Josiah is, “Are you in school?” or something of that variety. Man, it’d be hard if we were homeschooling to answer that question over and over! I am excited and nervous, happy and sad, but most of all I’m ready to start the new normal. Just when you think you’ve settled into an easy pattern of parenthood, everything changes again. How early will we go to bed? Will he even eat his lunch? Will he be so exhausted that there’s no being around him after school? How do I squeeze Eden’s nap in before getting Josiah from school? I feel like I should have been planning this way ahead, but I don’t mess with something unless it needs to change. There is part of me that will miss him so badly, but the other part of me will LOVE just being with Eden. She’s a fun little companion.Who wouldn’t want to hang out with this funny kitty! I plan on keeping the reigns on my boy pretty tight, I’m not ready to just let him be the big-school kid going where ever just yet.
I’m slowly getting into the groove of thinking about teaching in two weeks. I ordered my supplies, I still need to clean the art closet and my classroom a bit more. That’s something I can do with Eden, no problem. I have no idea what my budget is and that makes me a little nervous. This year I feel there are less excuses and more scrutiny. And I have to get my head around the fact that I will possibly be just a one semester teacher. I hope I can come back in late March, but if the substitute is right I might just take the spring off! Last night I realized how tired my body is. I treat myself like I’m not pregnant! My belly was heavy and tight. I was almost ready for that glass of red wine. Braxton Hicks suck, and when they happen earlier each pregnancy it just makes you tired sooner. I will need much prayer to get through a very long and hard Monday each week. I think I will ask my students to remind me to sit down. They’ll love having that job.
I finished Against the Sky last night while watching the Japanese Men’s All Around fall off the still rings. YIPES! Go check it out on flickr, I can’t get it to look right on the blog. I’m very pleased with it. Although it’s really hard to take a picture of a wonkie watercolor page. Sorry for the wierd margins. And I did take this picture at midnight. Better pictures after I get some of these guys framed. Dick Blick is having a sale on frames that might save me an extra trip to IKEA. Although the idea of going to IKEA before Josiah is going full tilt to school is really attractive. Gas is one $3.60 a gallon! Bunk beds are in our future, and some cute kiddie sheets!
Oh! This year at Clothesline we will have older work available in non-featured locations. But most of my old work is already out there. Smart Furniture on Market will have Metro’s until the 30th of August and the new Lookout Mountain Gallery across from Mojo in St Elmo will have all my animals. Brownie and Cookie, the bamboos plates, etc.


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