Becoming Familiar

This is our second daughter. She weighs less than a pound right now. We’re going to name her Tessa. Joel picked out the name Tess, and I like the “a” at the end. The name means ‘harvest’, we really like that. I still have to get used to it. That’s why I probably haven’t spilled the name earlier. But since we’ve been scouring baby websites and books looking for names and nothing really goes very well with our last name and our two other kids names like Tessa does. Joel named Josiah as well, and I had to get used to that name. Of course it’s hard for me to remember that because to me Josiah has been Josiah for over 6 years. I do remember us strolling down a lovely Norwegian road in the springtime and Joel saying, “I like the name Josiah” and I said,”Really??” I named Eden, always have loved that name, I still love everything it brings to mind. So that was easy.
We still don’t have a middle name picked out, I’d like to find another Scandinavian middle name for Tessa. Eden’s middle name is Berit which means splendid or glorious. There are some really neat Scandinavian names, like Silje(sil-ya), Astrid, Solvi, Mette (met-ta). If you guys like any of those for your baby girl you can have it *smile*.
I kinda have this tug to pick something more unusual, but when it comes to my third, and this go around I feel it’s important to have a name that this child can grow up and become an ambassador to South Africa or something. I’m sure everyone will say “I know a Tessa!…” I do know at least one, my fellow artist Laura Pettit’s oldest daughter is Tessa.
Josiah still wants to call her “Little Tree” which I think is perfect. Believe me I’ve looked for names with that meaning too.
So we call her Little tree Tessa these days. Here's one of her little branches. I can't wait to meet her, this baby still seems so far away.


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