Anointed Day

Sunday evening I was prepared for MONDAY the first busiest day of my semester. I’m just not sure what MONDAYs will become this semester. I give over the security of taking Josiah to school to his Papa (which is fine, I just always like to know what’s up) and picking up Josiah to my faithful friends and neighbors Amber and Marion. Then I have to get Eden and I ready for a full day of HHL out on Hickory Valley Rd. My first class starts at 10am so I have to be there at 9am. Lunches packed, pregnancy remedies available, baby sitter and teacher’s aid contacted, and a mind that’s fresh so I can teach 3 classes in a row with 15 min breaks in between. I was very stressed out. I had prepared, this is my second year so I’m not as green. But even then, there is the unknown. Joel said to me,”You haven’t been very happy this weekend”. No I wasn’t, the unknown was making me unpleasent. Josiah woke up Monday morning with a dry cough and his voice was half gone. NO! Not the first day of his first week of Kindergarten! I cried. I felt terrible! I could do nothing, nothing but pray. I grabbed Josiah’s head in my hands and said, “Lord, please heal Josiah and keep his classmates healthy too”. See, Josiah is so resiliant to sickness, but he’ll lose his appetite, he’ll misbehave more often, he won’t have as many receptors to learn. Ya know, all the great stuff about being sick at school. I needed God to comfort me and help me to know Josiah would be fine.
Joel dropped him off and came back home and told me Josiah would have Mrs. Challener. I still can’t say her name right, look whose talking huh? Eden and I got to HHL by 9am and settled in. My first class was high schoolers, and I talked at them most of the class, rules and syllabus. My Middle school class was a smidge less subdued, but still was patient as I talked at them, for not quite as long. My elementary class has 15 4th and 5th graders. It’s an adventure! I closed the doors, told eager mommies to wait, gobbled down my fresh veggie lunch, mmmm, tomatoes and mozzerella. And my efficient teacher’s aid did a quick clean and organize of the two large tables. Elementaries are so funny. I always have more girls than boys, those girls cram themselves at one table until they can’t budge! The boys have all this space to create! Girls, what a buncha ninnies! They’re loud, they’re silly, they make a holy mess, but what a satisfying way to end the day! They are never disappointed.
Eden had a grand time with Meghan, the best baby sitter ever, and Lisa Tolsen’s 3 girls. She painted a picture of Ariel, good times. She got a piece of birthday cake and fell asleep finishing the last bite on the way home. I scooped her up and put her in her bed then jogged over to Amber’s to retrieve Josiah. All nervous that he was a balled up heap of fever and snotty goo, Amber said,”He looks fine to me!”. Oliver graciously let Josiah borrow the Superman costume, again. I asked Josiah if he was alright and he answered in a very horse voice, “Oh I’m bad Mama.” Amber and I giggled at his short but played up response.
Josiah had his downtime in front of PBS, dressed as Superman and downing cups of water because I hated to hear his raspy voice. He chilled out nicely until 5 and Eden was awake shortly after. They played nicely. Joel came home while I was making a kick butt imitation rosatella sauce. We ALL ate it, yum!! The kids played in Joel’s hitch-hikers tent that evening while I loaded and unloaded the dishwasher before dark. I got the whites in the laundry, before dark. I picked up clothes in our bedroom and put away the toys that belonged upstairs. God gave me super-natural energy! Praise God! The kids were in bed by 8:30 and my wonderful husband got milk and the next season of PrisonBreak for us. I started another painting for Clothesline and was in bed before midnight. This, my blogging friends was an anointed day. A day that I did not expect. A day that I thought would kick my ass a million times over and instead God gave me a cloud of joy and gladness. And on top of everything else, Sarah Davick sent me a kind email regarding Eden’s pre-school stuff etc:

I hope you are doing well and that little one is growing strong and healthy. I know this must be a crazy time for you – Josiah starting kindergarten, Eden starting “preschool”, you starting your teaching back up again for the year, AND anticipating the arrival of a new one. Pace yourself. It is okay to take a break and not get the dishes done, or read another book to the kids, or sweep the food out from under the table. It will all eventually get done, and no one will be the worse off for waiting until Mommy is rested enough to do it.

I dont’ think Sarah realized that if I hadn’t gotten the hint already with how smoothly the day went, God was telling me through her words that I was doing the right thing and everything will be OK. It definately feels OK, I’m getting paid almost twice as much as last semester. My teaching job is quite a blessing. My life is an amazing blessing.


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