Eden’s Day

First Day of School at the New City Pre-K. I knew Eden would have a blast! She knows plenty of the kids in there! I got this quick pic as the Greens were coming toward her. You can see her anticipation. Right after the shutter clicked there was much waving going on! She was already covered in marker from her hour layover between taking Josiah to school and going herself. I wonder when it will get boring to take Josiah to school for her. She still loves it!
At home we resumed our normal play…


2 thoughts on “Eden’s Day

  1. Linda

    oops, sorry to bombard the photo taking. I know the little girls will have so much fun together, but Juden seriously needs some more little boys. He is always surrounded by girls! At least he doesn’t seem to mind.

  2. girlish activities are such fun. joanna and i have tea sometimes. though lately she’s into her new legos which are SO much more fun.
    love eden’s pants! hope to see you at least a bit this weekend.

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