I could go for this kinda homeschooling!

Eden is definately less of a “action” kid than Josiah. She still gets stir-crazy and loopy when she’s bored, but I can accomplish some wonderful homespun fun with Eden. Josiah was never into projects that much, even though I tried over and over. Of course I am so proud of Josiah’s latest family portraits. Go take a look at how much hair I have, kinda close to life!
I have been trying to finish up a small portrait of Eden for Clothesline. Dunno how sellable that is, but…Anyway the full portrait turned out bad and I cropped it, we’ll see if I use it. So Eden paints Hello Kitty (thanks again for that birthday present Amber) and I am painting Eden!
Our fun craft today (since the Prev’s battery is dead) was to make peg dolls. I bought these this summer but I knew that the only time I could truly use them was when I had Eden alone. I mixed skin tones and Eden painted the heads. I put faces on and Eden decided what color and style hair each doll got. We used wool felt odd scraps. I bet other people actually have yarn, but since I’m not a knitter…I cut out odd pieces of fabric and Eden glued on most of the dresses. While she was gluing, I took a little Micron Pen and drew shoes on the stands. My favorites are the fat little feet with flip-flops.
We quickly found a little house and bed for them. Eden took off all their shoes for “quiet time” and squeaked the highest squeaks ever for the dolls voices. Little girls are so comical that way. I had a nice piece of board that looked like a mini dance floor and Eden proceeded to have them dance all around. Looked like a regular “It’s a Small World”.
Eden is very proud of them, and yeah, so am I.


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