All about me, sorta

I always feel dumb putting my birthday lists on my blog, but its easier than emailing and I can put links and pictures. Wheee! So I do have a button for an amazon wish list on the sidebar, but there are a few things that amazon just can’t wish list for me so here some more. And for those of you that look at my list and say,”Uh, Kate, half the stuff isn’t for you at all!” well, it kinda is, but this stuff most definately is for me!
1. A prenatal massage. Madia’s is down the street!
2. A membership to the TN Aquarium, Nature Center or YMCA
3. A Maria Cardillo shower head photo that’s framed. I liked the big ones, but the smaller ones are better for the homestead. And/or one of Laura Pettit’s small abstracts. Love ’em.
4. A nice yummy home candle from Umbra
5. A Haircut
6. Gift Certificate for a great local restaurant
7. Mulch and weed under my bushes. I’m crazy, but self slavery is the greatest reflection of love.
8. A new lower back.


One thought on “All about me, sorta

  1. jerah

    i hear you on the lower back. 2 and a half years after my first (and only!) kid, i still don’t have the lower back i should. mucho sympathy, mama. make joel give that back a massage, yo! 🙂

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