That Corner

This is in progress. I tried my derndest to get this to a state that I could take a picture for an Ann Nichols article. I hope it’s alright enough for that. I’ve got a couple weeks before the drop off to tidy it up with nice little bits. Working at the easel usually means I’m sitting, on a pillow, sometimes with my friend the Hot Water Bottle on my lap or against my back. How do I do this to myself! For the love of art and progress. I really am proud of myself, I sit around plenty and little tiny bits of time to paint is worth it. This is the corner of E Main and Washington. Where the empty OCI buidling is. Nice and creepy eh? This painting will be at Create Here’s final gallery show called “Scary Stuff”. Cat’s got some creepy trees going in and they got that cool haunted house look! I’m hoping to get started also on some Metros of Tokyo. If I can ever find a minute to hop to North Chatt and pick up my pictures. Ok, I have a wiggly daughter who is literally kicking the laptop. Gotta jam.


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