In His Element

josiah library.jpg
One of the hardest things about the past few weeks has been Josiah continuing struggle with being a student. Some kids fall naturally into this pattern, I believe Eden is more like this. Josiah is impossibly social, is always looking for action, and has almost no desire to “sit and do a nice little project”. So of course these days are bitter sweet for me, as I send my son off to school where for 6-7 hours he is made to “sit and work on projects”. And I get to stay at home with Eden who will sit and work on projects for an hour at a time. Of course Josiah gets a super long lunch, recess, and related arts (music, art, Spanish, gym). I am happy about my choice. Josiah is in the hands of caring professional educators who have communicated their desire to help him learn and grow even though they have 19 other students in the same room. It has been heart wrenching, and amazing at the same time. So here is a picture I snagged off of Battle Academy’s Kindergarten newsletter. It’s Josiah and a bunch of his classmates acting out a play during their library field trip. Josiah is the farmer, and he looks like he’s having the most fun in the world.
stinky whale.JPG
And another proud moment for me is this drawing he brought home. Many of you may not understand. Josiah has been in Kindergarten for like 25 days, and he barely drew a thing before he started. Never willingly. He hardly wrote a single letter. And he never would choose a hand to write with enough for me to decide if he was right or left handed. Josiah’s fine motor’s are a smidge sluggish. I am not worried, I love him and he’s doing great! This drawing is “A Stinky Whale”. Isn’t it great!!! He went into great description about the “poop” coming out of his tale, the green stink spray that was around him and the orange worms that he was eating and are swimming at the top. He also gave this poor whale a “sick eye” (pink eye in our house). He told me he collaborated with his buddy Patrick to come up with quite a descriptive, and boy-ish, creature. This mama artist is very proud, and encouraged.


4 thoughts on “In His Element

  1. What a delightful and creative drawing! It’s encouraging for me to hear you write truthfully about your experience of sending your child to kindergarten–and about his lack of interest in sitting to complete paperwork. My daughter loves tactile projects but is totally uninterested in writing… I’m working on not worrying about her but spending my time rejoicing in her amazing and unique abilities. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. jen k

    that is just about the most hilarious and coolest artistic description of a work I have eva heard!!! Too bad you couldn’t use it for the Scary stuff exhibit at Create Here, eh???
    Jos is just the coolest!

  3. Oh, how incredibly awesome! I love both his stinky whale and his priceless expression on stage!!! Bittersweet is a perfect word to describe the school decision no matter where we decide to school them. I feel it all the time w/Gid, confident we’re doing the right thing for him right now but also knowing the experiences he’s missing not being in a traditional school.
    Oh, and I’m praying for your back, sista.

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