Get away

For the first time in 4 years Joel and I got away without our kids. We’ve had the overnight here and there, but this is the first weekend away we’ve been able to have. We went up to Helen GA where there is nothing much to do at all. So guess what we did, nothing much at all. We held hands alot, and caught up on all the cable TV we wanted. And went out to eat. It was just from Friday night to Sunday early afternoon, but it was so nice. We have to do this more often. It was way too long to wait. Some super cool friends from church watched Josiah and Eden. We built them up by telling Jos and Eden that #1 they have a dog, #2 they have a scooter #3 they both play guitars. And then the perks that we couldn’t be sure would happen (but thankfully everything went as planned) the aquarium, red-neck sledding at Ross’ Landing, apple orchard with goodies, and McDonald’s happy meals! Eden was sad that she had to go home with me! “I wanna go back to Laura’s!!” she cried as we buckled her in to go home.
Today was something that required the schedule of a drill sargent. Not a single minute went unplanned from 7am to 8:30pm. So here I am blogging and watchin’ Heroes full of satisfied exhaustion and looking toward the days ahead in order to plan for the less rigorous but equally satisfying events.
We need to get away more often. And maybe take Monday off too.


2 thoughts on “Get away

  1. O, that’s awesome Katie. Matt and I got our first getaway this summer around our anniversary and it was definitely worth it. Sounds like your kids were in great hands too, which makes the getaway even better.

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