Asking for weightlessness

Again, my daily disclaimer: I’m pregnant and everything gets exaggerated these days. My emotions in particular. There are so many things that I have to say. I’ve said them only to my husband (in small doses) and to my bathroom mirror. There are so many questions I have for this election. Why? Why do I disagree with so many of my cool friends? But then I realize I’m not alone, there are quite a few of my friends that I love and trust who feel just as stunned and conflicted as I do. Why? Why did you vote for Obama? I know why I didn’t. And I think it’s for the same reasons I believe a lot of things that are a little different, a little wierd, at least they’re wierd to you. I feel like I’ve talked about them on this blog over and over. Go browse the archives if you really need to know. I didn’t vote for McCain either. I voted my beliefs, which I’m sure, dear reader, you did too. I voted for the unborn, for the right to homeschool. I voted for less government because I think it’s the church “The Body” who needs to take care of the poor. I did not vote for anyone who voted for the bailout. Mostly, I am watching and praying. In a large moment of discouragement a friend reminded me of Jericho’s walls and how large they must have been, but Joshua and the people marched and believed anyway. I am praying for the grace to bless our new president elect. I have to admit, the whole “wow, we have a black president!” thing just doesn’t make it impressive to me. I’m in a funk, y’all. And I’m going to take it to the Lord. I am not angry, I’m just very introspective. I’m not a sore loser, I knew I lost a long time ago when I saw the choices. But I say that knowing that no government run by man is going to be godly. I do not think, however, it is far-fetched to believe that God will bring the CHANGE, the HOPE that everyone is seeking. And He has a plan too, a big book of plans actually. I’m trying to not get lost in discouragement and remember that my Lord and my God has something orchestrated. It might not be fun to go through, and I hate to raise my children with these unknowns (and I always have), but this will provide that opportunity to see where all of our faith lies.
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It’s hard to ignore God when your 3 year old is singing “He’s got the whole world in HIs hands” over and over and over and over.


5 thoughts on “Asking for weightlessness

  1. jerah

    Katie, I love that you put your heart out here for everyone to see. Especially while you’re pregnant. I think you’re one tough lady. 🙂
    I voted for Obama. I know you think it’s lame. That’s ok. Lots of people thought I was lame when I voted for Nader. Twice. 🙂
    And to be upfront, I am against abortion, I am for protecting the most vulnerable, including (but not limited to) the unborn. But for a host of reasons, I do not think that making abortion illegal would do anything at all to address that concern. All of the research says that making abortions illegal does nothing to reduce the number of abortions actually performed, and that it disproportionately punishes low-income women. That’s kind of a big deal to me. That is not a Biblical idea of justice. I do not think that pregnant women, in particular, need any more grief, or any more prodding into their private lives, or any more suspicion cast on them – especially from the Government! – when their pregnancies aren’t picture perfect.
    I think this country has become so, so divided. It’s kind of crazy. I wish I got to hang out with you in person more, so this wouldn’t be a weird, kind of awkward internet conversation. I wish those in charge of campaigns and political parties would stop using hateful, violent rhetoric just to get people to vote for them. It does this country enormous harm. It makes it so that good people distrust each other’s motives, even when they have the same goals.
    I voted for Obama in part because he does not use that kind of rhetoric. Even if he’s all talk, and it’s politics as usual come January, he has done this country a great service by talking about how our strength is in our unity. He has shown by example how to talk to the whole country without using divisive, angry arguments to make your case. He listens to people. He surrounds himself with people who he may not necessarily agree with, but who have the experience to get their job done. He brings people together. I do not think that’s true of Democrats in general, but I do think it is true of him.
    And today, walking around NYC, it was really obvious that having a black president, while it might be kind of a token thing for you or me, is very, very meaningful to the black community here. The smiles on peoples’ faces were amazing, even at rush hour, even in the rain.
    I may come to rue the day I voted for him. He might disappoint mightily. He definitely won’t bring about all the change that I personally want. And I realize he probably only won because so many people are worried about the economy and their own personal wealth, which is one of the more base reasons to do anything, or vote for anyone. I hate that such a base motivation can inspire so many people.
    But I’m very happy to have this one day of feeling hopeful for this country’s future. It’s not often that I feel that. I’m hopeful that we’ll actually be able to start working together on the huge, huge problems we’re facing, without constantly being distracted by huge, well-funded political campaigns beamed directly into our livingrooms and aimed at creating as big as a rift as possible between us.
    Also, I’m with you, homeschooling rocks.

  2. Thanks Jerah for your thoughtful response. I am in agreement about the black community. It’s amazing to see how it effects the pride of the culture. I love it, I have loved getting involved with the true southside downtown culture of Chatt and the wonderful folks that own homes, and have invited us to be part of their lives. For these folks I am thankful for no more old white men in the White House.
    For me, voting pro-life is not a practical “it WILL become illegal” thing, it’s a spiritual thing. I believe that God honors our physical decisions to do things that obey His law, whether or not the outcome seems possible. I wish I could think of another great example right now but, uh….maybe later.
    I do think that Obama is an honorable man, it wasn’t commercials that got to me. I think the media(news junk) and the production of alot of it(celebs, pop-art posters, SNL) was tiring and I couldn’t take it anymore. You probably saw more than I did.
    The change I would like to see involves more personal responsibility and less gov’t. I really want something that takes more than just a vote, or an opinion, it takes faith that God will give His church the wisdom to step up when times get bad. That seems like a cliche, but I have to have hope in something that really is worth having hope in.
    Thanks again Jerah, and no worries, I don’t think this “rift” will effect friendships, but I do hope that Christians can become united when things do get tough. Because God tells us it will get rough, not just because there’s too many Dem’s in Congress 🙂
    Your so smart Jerah. You always have been. I’m glad to hear your thoughts. I’m proud to call you my friend.

  3. ari

    although i also voted differently….i really loved reading your entry. It was one of the most truthful, challenging comments to the church. thanks. love, ari

  4. Emma

    good job articulating even while being pregnant. You’ve done a better job than I could have. You expressed many of my exact feelings. Thanks for being willing to share. I’m afraid I don’t have your openess to share my inner thoughts, but I appreciate when others can express them so well.

  5. Linda

    Hey Katie, I also appreciate how you voice your convictions without being devisive. We’ve talked about it so you already know how I feel, now it’s time to look forward.

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