Didn’t see much of Josiah this last weekend when we went camping with our church. He was off, like a dirty shirt, with his buddy Isaac adventuring everywhere. He also entertained himself (and built of the ego’s of the older boys) by hanging out with them, starry eyed at their antics. Laughing until he just about peed himself over and over again. Thankfully, no pee made it out during those laughing fits.
This week has been harder for my boy in school. I think adjusting to being back from such a wonderful weekend with friends, doing nothing but laugh and play and tromp around the beautiful woods was just too much. I kinda dread picking him up every day because I’m afraid he will drop some heart breaking message on me, “Mama, I got a green, I had to stay in from recess”. I’ve heard that too many times this week. Recess. Man, I really want him to be able to play. Thankfully I still think he does get to squeak in time. My boy has a hard time focusing. He wants to interact with his peers all day not stare at a page and write. His fine motors have a way to go, but he’s going, he’s learning. He knows this stuff! And I received a wonderful reward for all the tears and sighs I’ve let slip this week. Josiah is reading. He’s sounding stuff out and reading. His face is as bright as it is when he’s playing with those older boys at the campfire. He’s beaming with pride. He shouts at our neighbor Roger from down the street, “Roger! Guess what I can do! I can read!” and again, Josiah brings joy. Roger acknowledges Josiah’s accomplishment with excitment.
Mark told me about a video he saw from TED that he posted on facebook. It’s funny and very inspiring. I actually think (and so does Mark and Amber) that Battle Academy, where all our kids go, is a pretty good school at finding different ways that kids learn. I do love Josiah’s teacher and she very patient with him. I pray for her that she won’t lose hope or patience with Josiah.
When I sing our little blessing song at the end of the day I do not pray that Josiah will be a great scholar, or even a great artist or musician. I pray that he will be a strong man of faith and that he will do things for the Kingdom no one else can do. That’s what I want. And if I have to suffer with school and the standards that Josiah may or may not meet, I want to have that hope that he has that joy and that God will use him for His Kingdom, every skill in place.


2 thoughts on “Sighting

  1. i will pray with you kate! i promise. your josiah has brought me so much happiness, from the moment he was born. i will always remember that day and how it changed my life forever.

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