Hello Old Friend

Wow, I’ve been gone for a little while! But we’ve been doing alot of this lately. Although I feel like I’ve been having an out of body experience lately with my energy level, I feel like it’s been necessary. There’s something to be said about things standing still for a little while. Last weekend I had pain from doing too much, and some annoying Braxton Hicks to go with it. Those two things just made me realize that I am not ready for this baby. So I started making lists. I found my birth plan on the blog here, and cut and pasted it in order to give to the midwife. I started organizing what I’m going to do and not do for Christmas. I made lists for what I’m going to get for presents. And I realized I needed my Mommy. I needed her to come and invade my clutter and help me find baby clothes and help me with the bi-annual purging and structuring of the kids closet (my ONLY workable storage space). And it got me started on the steps necessary to get ready for our Tessa.
I can’t believe how many little girl clothes I have, unga bunga.
The thing that has made me sigh again and again is the complete lack of motivation to make art. This wouldn’t sting so much, except I have little confidence in what I do have, and I have no good ideas for new stuff. I mean, that might be overly critical, but I have sat in front of my unfinished pieces and just added paint out of obligation. Silly huh? I’ve been watching Project Runway season 4 and usually it makes me want to work, but no luck. It feels really good to sit on the couch for a while before I have to get back up to make a lunch for Josiah’s next day.
The Holiday in St Elmo fest is a great opportunity to sell some stuff, but the evenings leave me drained and the days are full of the little comings and goings of business. I went ahead and ordered two images for giclees. Be Still and Yellow Umbrella (larger!!). I also need to order some new cards. Just Metro images. I’ve even toyed with the idea of a calendar? So if I can’t make new pieces right now, I can have some faves printed for the masses. Maybe it’ll just be more affordable for everyone.
I also am realizing that Smart Furniture’s recent move to 2 North Shore might be an excellent avenue for my artwork. I might have sold a piece already since they moved. I definately want to downsize some of my back stock artwork. I’m ready to give some away that I’ve had for ummmm 10 YEARS! Look for some of those pieces either at Holiday in St Elmo or on my web shop. If you have no issues with a painting of a nude, than have I got some options for you!


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