Making Stuff, sorta.

I seriously must give the impression that my daughter just sits at her red table ALL DAY and paints. She does draw and paint more than her brother ever has, but we’re entering a very busy period these next two weeks and I hope we can just hold on and not lose it entirely. I am so ready for this Thanksgiving break. Mostly because I get so tired of the school routine. Not so much the morning, but after school UGH. Aweful. Josiah is tired, he wants to play or veg-out. But after giving in to one of those things, I have the haunting thoughts of homework and dinner prep with a tired Kindergartener and a newly napped 3 yr old. Needless to say my bod isn’t wanting to be busy, but we plow thru it anyway. I thank God for Josiah, his talents and all he is learning. And even when he’s weary I try to remember he needs loving on as much as he needs discipline. He woke up a 5:30am this morning, put on a costume and started playing with Legos. Needless to say I switched off the lights and sent him to his top bunk. What the heck! 5:30!! Yesterday was not a fun afternoon. But now, we have some time to relax. Watch PBS without guilt, make wonderful food together and this big ole mama can snuggle on the couch instead of looking at the clock to get those drawings started that make the sounds of the letters F,W and J done before 5pm.
Cat and I are sharing a booth at Holiday in St Elmo this weekend. There will be a couple other Clothesline artists involved too like Lauren Leutwiler and Amber Cooley. I beat myself up for a while that I wasn’t going to have more stuff to show, especially the new Metro Tokyo pieces I really want to get started on. I have finished one of the three I really wanted to do. That’s OK. My body told me I could go to sleep instead of sitting up with heartburn and baby kicking me all over trying to paint. I instead ordered two giclees (prints on canvas) of my most popular images. Be Still and Yellow Umbrella. They arrived in the mail late last week and I need to stretch them and add the texture they need. I also ordered cards of four of my Metro images. Yellow Umbrella, Metropolitan, Be Still and Another Paris. I really thought about doing a calendar but Joel (the bread winner) just couldn’t jump on board. I don’t invest unless he feels good about it too. So come on over! Don’t go to the Mall, you know you don’t really want to. If you’re in Chattanooga for Thanksgiving, make Historic St Elmo a stop on your lazy weekend schedule. You have to kill some time before the Bond movie starts anyway!


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