Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!

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Cheese with Great-Grandma, originally uploaded by katiek2.

My grandmother joined us for dinner and although she cannot hear, the kids keep her chuckling. We were so groggy and slow after dinner. This Mama curled up in her dad’s recliner and took a snooze while Joel (the dutiful son-in-law) washed ALL THE DISHES. Wow. We hit the ground running on Friday driving down to Marietta to visit Joel’s Oma. It has been too long since we’ve seen her and a good time was had by all.
Saturday Cat and I sat in the rain at Holiday in St Elmo. We had a borrowed tent that’s built like a serious fort/ark/torture device. It was not fun to take apart. But we kept good spirits and saw many good friends. Glad I did it. Cat’s artwork is always amazing to see up close, and she has it ALL ON SALE right now. Go buy some trees. Except the ones I want, I gotta muster up the courage to commit. I’m such a loser.
I’ve made some Metro greeting cards that I’ll list in my shop soon in a package so you can get all the images together. I’m going to truck the other Metro pieces to Smart Furniture this week and hopefully have some luck with their open house that’s happening this upcoming weekend.
MAINx24 is happening y’all! I’ll be face-painting at the after parade party and then as little as possible until the INHABIT party where I hope to make it at least 2 hours there. WHoA-BOY!


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