Doing doing

Holiday in St Elmo. This is our cool ass tent that was a monster to take down. We had fun, sold almost nothing, but drank lots of hot chocolate and ate overpriced Mojo Burrito.
One of my favorite things about Christmas decorations. My big blue Charlie Brown lights! I put these up with the kids “help”. No ladders involved. Just a dusty box in the waterheater closet, a staple gun, 2 cranky kids that needed to be fed, and one jaunt up and down the stairs. I love having 2 porches!
INHABIT! Totally puts paying $20 just for two movie tickets and a popcorn in perspective. Major entertainment involving a band that did a mean Prince medley, yummy appetizers and anything you could possibly want to drink. Until about midnight when they started to run out. It helped to be pregnant, I got my coat checked immediately, and got shoved to the front of the ladies’ room line. I stayed until 1am, I made sure to get a cheezy Olan Mills photo with my man first.
But the most important place to be is hanging out on the couch with my kids, talking about the baby, and watching them bear hug until someone (Eden) gets hurt. The reason I’m doing this all over again, for sweet moments like this one.


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