The next chapter

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one of the friendly beasts, originally uploaded by anniebee.

I’m sorta done with teaching for the semester. I’ve done all my Christmas shopping. I’ve pretty much got everything wrapped. I’ve pre-registered at the hospital and purchased last minute baby stuff. Yesterday I was throwing stuff together for some chili and my body just said NO! This pregnancy has reminded me why I don’t have more kids. I LOVE my kids, but I do not like pregnancy. I have some affection for the humor of it all, and I like eating without being stared at (tee hee). But the pains, they stop me and I hate that. The ligaments that God designed to hold my pelvis to the rest of my body are stretched for the third time and they are not enjoying Tessa’s acrobatics. With a twist of her head she sends shooting tingling pain all down my leg, so much so I have to bend over 90 degrees. They tell you your contractions are important when they stop you in your tracks, well, these stop me and it’s not the good pain that gets the baby out! I feel like my legs are going to fall off! One time last night it was so sharp I yelped to myself and instantly started crying.

After lying down for awhile feeling guilty that Joel was dealing with dinner time bickering, I noticed I was having contractions pretty regularly. Not hard ones, but not just Braxton Hicks. I had them all evening. Sometimes 5 min apart. Joel went on a mission for rum and egg nog and I watched Law and Order on the laptop while soaking in the tub. I went to bed thinking that I would have a restless night and I did. But this morning, nothing to show for it. I’m realizing I’m one of the only people that waits it out this time of year, lots of other folks get induced. Save the pitocin for someone in great need, I’ll wait for the next chapter even if my legs pop out.

I was listening to the friendly beasts song, and I thought how nice it would be to have little farm animals to help me and surround Tessa with cooing, wooliness, and warm snuffling breath. I wish I could get some great relivance from being ‘with child’ so close to Christmas, but I’m just ready to end one tough stage and take on the next. I guess I could take a cue from Mary and “treasure all these things in my heart”, that seems like a sweeter end.


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