The Nest

Some of you, my dear readers, are having snow that makes the Christmas season just a little more magical, or annoying, take your pick. But here in the South east we just get grey. Grey, and more grey. Sometimes it’s grey with 40 degree temps, and sometimes it’s grey with 70 degree temps. Either way, it’s grim and we run to take solace in the nearest hot beverage, Christmas treat, or adult beverage. But I remember the cold winter I spent in Norway that was full of magical snow and not just greyness but darkness. We lit candles, we turned on every light in the whole house and yes, we ate lots of Christmas cookies.
I of course, have been spending much time in my little nest tidying, wrapping, snuggling, sleeping and watching my belly grow. I apologize to many of you for not having you over, ever, I’m full of excuses and insecurity about my home, sometimes. I do want to share pieces of my little nest with you. The pieces that have captured my attention in the grey afternoons and dark evenings after the kids are in bed and my tidying begins.

The grey doesn’t bother me so much this year. I’m not expecting sun. I want the evening to come so I can plug in my bright blue lights and I am sad when I have to leave home and I have to get Josiah to unplug the lights on the tree (I can’t fit back to the outlet). I love gathering up the newly washed and dried warm baby blankets and folding them. Deciding which ones will go in the hospital bag. I love spending time in my kids room with them. Josiah takes pride in keeping his Lego creations collected. I make room for things like the changing pad, the container full of Tessa blankets and sheets, and a little make-shift dresser full of 0-3 clothes: pink, green and white.
Nutcracker Soldiers by Josiah displayed on the fridge.
Paper Source to the rescue! Little Village Project I got to work on with the kids. A little smidge of domestic bliss. Hasn’t always been so calm, these are the first few days of winding down. I’m ticking off the days to Christmas, because I feel we might see Tessa after the 25th. And most of me is OK with that, except the part of me that wants to hold her. It’s a present I have to wait and wait to open.


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