Introducing Tessa Patience Knutson

Tessa Patience Knutson was born on December 29th at 10:25pm. She’s 9lbs even and 21 in long. She doesn’t have red hair! Wow! We’re in love with her. Grandma has been taking care of the older kids and we’re looking forward to uniting our family (with the help of helping hands) and getting used to the new normal.
And now for the details that you may or may not want to read…..
Tessa was tougher than Eden. And I don’t think I’m just saying that because Eden’s birth was 3.5 years ago, I really do think it was a bit easier. She was smaller, and Tessa started coming out with her fist under her chin. Youch! I had another unmedicated labor, which was an extra challenge this time, since I was for sure Group B positive, which meant that without antibiotics Tessa could have an infection after birth. Eden dealt with a smidge of an infection after her birth but it was handled and turned out fine. So with my water in tact they wanted to get 2 doses of antibiotics in me.
I had an appointment with my midwife at 11:30am on Monday where she stripped my membranes (fun). After, Mom, the kids and I went to Chik-fil-A (where we saw the Greens–hooray! Juden!) and my legs felt like jello all the way home. At 2:30 I started having measured contractions and called Joel to go ahead and come home. Mom stayed and began her grandma marathon. We stayed at home and labored until about 4:45 and then drove through rush hour to Women’s East. When they checked me they said I could be 6cm. Wow! I labored pretty manageably at 8cm until about 8pm and then I decided to get into the shower which was quickly ended when Tessa’s monitored heart rate was decided to be “tacky”. Oh well. I had the joy of going through and enduring transition in BED while pleading for the antibiotics to get into me faster. Lots of praying going on. I felt her decending, and my water had not broken, the doc waited until I about went crazy to break it. I still had a bit to dialate, 2 contractions worth. When we were set to push, I knew instantly that she was not a 7lb baby. Also, I heard the doc comment that her fist was resting on her chin. She told me to wait a second and then she wiggled Tessa’s arm into a better place. Oh my word, it hurt to get her out. But she came out in 4 pushes. I avoided tearing, pretty much. It is pure bliss to feel that baby leave your body. I don’t really know what it feels like when you have an epidural, naturally it’s a little piece of heaven to feel that release. They put her on my chest and I saw she was not a little one!
But then, there’s a reason I deliver in hospitals. I was bleeding and it wouldn’t stop. Scary!! The doc and the staff around me was super cool. The doc told me as she started cleaning me up that she was going to work on me so that I didn’t need a blood transfusion, eep! Still, I did not feel afraid, I just tried to reel off of my mommy-bliss-adrenaline and be a trooper. There were some not so fun things that they had to do. Mostly just ultra tough palpitation of my belly. They worked on me from 10:30 to 2am. They put lots of pitocin in me and two injections of different things and something else. They kneaded me like bread dough. Ugh, Ouch. But It didn’t feel like those contractions, so I was thankful and did what I could to move past what was happening and hold my daughter and talk to my husband. Thinking about it now, makes me afraid a little.
Then, there’s the reason I trust God and am utterly and continually thankful for how much He has blessed me and has given me strength. I had a higher hemaglobin count than normal folks going into this experience. I did not need a transfusion. I never felt dizzy, or high headed. My bleeding tapered quickly while at the hospital and now I’m feeling like I’m even further out of the woods than I was with Josiah. I could say with confidence that I wasn’t afraid, that is God’s hand and His grace in my life above all else. Fear, is the reason many things don’t happen. I am so greatful that God brought his angels to surround my mind and heart and keep me at peace. I had a peaceful and joyful nurse who prayed for me during transition and requested to stay on with us the next night. I have moderate pain, but not nearly the pain I had with Josiah. Recovery seems hopeful. I have a husband who is calm and thoughtful and seeks God through every moment, praying over me and seeking knowledge even when deciding on Tessa’s full name. Tessa is a healthy, beautiful girl. She is doing everything she’s supposed to, and in typical Knutson style is staying on the lean side of baby-hood. I again fight the fear of an underweight babe. I’m praying that I can keep her hydrated and full enough to see her weight maintain well and keep her from getting too orange.
What an amazing gift motherhood is. I feel like I’ve been beat up, but the joy is overwhelming. God has truly touched me beyond just the joy of a new child. I am eager to be myself again, but these first days are so tender. Having my whole family around me is a gift. I can’t believe how much I missed my big kids this morning! I know that the craziness has only just begun, But I’ll say it again, God is so good to me, and His love is so deep.


8 thoughts on “Introducing Tessa Patience Knutson

  1. Congratulations!!! Beautiful babe. Beautiful name. I hate it when they knead around on your belly afterwards. Ouch! Wonderful story!! Congratulations on a great birth!

  2. God is good all the time.
    All the time, God is good!
    Welcome to the world Tessa Patience! What a lovely name for a lovely babe. Continued prayers for healing and weight gain.
    ((hugs)) my cyber friend.

  3. Emma

    Katie, so happy to hear the news about Tessa, and read her birth story. Motherhood truely is a blessing. It’s been almost three weeks and I’m still getting used to the fact that I have three now, but every time I look at her and hold her I’m just amazed at what God has given us.

  4. Emma

    Katie, so happy to hear the news about Tessa, and read her birth story. Motherhood truely is a blessing. It’s been almost three weeks and I’m still getting used to the fact that I have three now, but every time I look at her and hold her I’m just amazed at what God has given us.

  5. What a precious post Katie! Enjoy these days when they are so little and new. Let others do for you and relax and heal. I’ll be praying for Tessa’s weight, an issue very near and dear to my heart. 😉 The Lord is good!

  6. Congrats Katie! I am just now getting around to reading this! I am glad that Tessa is here and safe. Don’t you love big babies? 🙂 Hope you are able to rest and heal and love on that baby!!

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