Pan Out

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Domestica, originally uploaded by katiek2.

As a visual artist you have to learn quickly the difference between serious clientelle and admirers. I love both. I know that there are many folks I can’t afford to support but I’m proud of them and enjoy whatever piece of their craft I can. Whether that’s getting free appetizers made by Daniel and his crew at St John’s, admiring friends artwork at various festivals (including the Clothesline Show), listening/viewing a friends recent musical endevour, or geeking over a well done website, I love to tell fellow artisans that their work is admirable. But sometimes, especially when we’re all feeling a bit of the fear of economic slump, it’s just no fun to get your hopes built up by a possible patron just to be let down, again. This does not happen often. Don’t think, “Oh no, Katie’s examining everything I say when I comment on her work”. Again, I love that ANY of you bless me with a comment either here or in person at a show. What I mean is I’ll get random internet requests that have a specific desire. I used to get all jazzed and try and accomodate all those desires, now I just wait and see if they’ll pan out.
One person wanted a print for a certain price. I said I’d see if I could get the painting printed for that price since she saw that my fellow artists “had prints around that price”. Ugh, I tried and failed. It wasn’t worth the effort. The patron wasn’t going to pay very much for the finished product, and time+energy is money. I would not have profited.
Another request is the instant gratification request. I post something, the viewer comments, “I MUST have it! How much how much how much???” and when I tell them…all is quiet. Yes, my friends, it costs money to get what you MUST have. I know that sounds callouse. But fine art is something that is kinda an investment. I realize that, that’s why I don’t expect a lot of instant sales. I’ve worked retail, I know the drill.
The latest request I’ve been fielding is promising and interesting. Special orders always have a twist, and this one seems like it’s worth all the accomodations. A patron of mine (she bought Fawning and Morphing) is a doula/midwife and she loves my Domestica piece. No mysteries, I’ve had other doula types admire this piece. She wants it bigger, much bigger. I’m hoping everything pans out the way we’re planning. There’s always an itch in the back of my pessimistic brain that it will fall through. I’ll start the ball rolling to copy Domestica at 40″x60″, and this patron will have blessed the pants off our single income family in this dry spell. And, thank goodness, it gave you guys something else to read about besides baby, kids and postpartum! Well, the subject of the painting doesn’t get too far off track.
ps– Have I mentioned how GLAD I am not to be pregnant anymore!! I’m looking for my real clothes, the pants I’m wearing (thanks again Sarah!!) are falling off.
pps–I also need to mention, since this post is kinda cold-as-ice, that I have been in the process of giving art away. I gave away a piece to my dad, and I have a couple other friends in mind. I’ve never been much of a ‘giver’ or ‘trader’ and that needs to change this year, call it a resolution.


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