Big Brother is 6

To My Josiah: Happy Birthday! I can’t believe your a school boy who has exited every form of baby-ness and is now a big kid in every way.
I’ve looked back at your baby pictures, and as I nurse another baby I am reminded of all the days it was just you and me. I was anxious about your weight gain, your development, your wardrobe even. I made all kinds of things for you and made a maxxed out baby book. I loved being the mama of a little boy. You are a great companion, and always challenging me. You challenge me more and more everyday. I have to put my impatience, my comfort, my grouchiness on the shelf and just BE your friend. A listening ear, a playmate, a patient teacher. You’re pushing me to get out of my box by just being yourself.
So, I could think back to your birthday and how difficult it was to get you into the world, but instead, I want to think of what you are teaching me now. How I’ve been in a haze of pregnancy,postpartum, and illness and how with the sun and pre-springtime tease of February, I will join you in play again. I will talk and read with you and be reminded of answered prayer. How good God has been to me and your Papa to have you in our lives. How you are so good for your sister Eden as a faithful playmate. How you are so amazed as you watch your baby sister and how her slightest movements can make you giggle uncontrollably. I love your continued joy in being with me, your Mama. I hope that never ends. Because as many of us know, your joy is contagious. Happy Birthday, I love you.


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