“I’m not Little, I’m just Short!”

This is a quote from Eden. She said this to a dad that was helping with the Pre-K class at church. He asked her if she liked being a big sister or a little sister better. Poor Craig, he never saw this comment coming.
And so to celebrate my Eden I made a blurb book of her first year from my flickr photos. I love it, it’s exactly what I wanted. It’s simple, it’s not crazy expensive, and it was so easy. It’s 45 pages of the nicest pictures of Eden. No scrapbooking non-sense involved, just nice pictures.


One thought on ““I’m not Little, I’m just Short!”

  1. I love blurb! I made a book this past year with my future mother in law–i scanned over 200 amazing old photographs of her family–back to someone who died in the civil war–and made them into a coffee table style book. It was a gift for her brother. It was such a cool project and I am hooked on blurb. No more scrap books and no more photo albums!

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