One Month

All neked in the bathtub
With clothes and bright eyes.
Tessa’s a good baby. And with everything that’s going on inside and outside of me I’m so glad she is. I took her for her one month and in typical Knutson fashion she’s a little skinny monkey. But still not pushing her brother’s record of 10%weight and 85% length. She’s up to her birth weight and is a long lean green bean. When we swaddle her up we call her a baby bean burrito. I’d like to say I’ve come to a peace about having skinny babies but it’s still kinda hard when your bundle doesn’t look like the baby on the diaper box. In fact the diaper tapes overlap. She eats alot, I must make skim milk.
She hasn’t shown me a great napping pattern yet though. And poor kid, she has alot to work around. I would love for her to wake up with us, eat, and go back to sleep before 8:30, sleep for and hour or two and then sleep again for a long time after Josiah gets home from school. Tall order, a lot of training is in order.
I have to say to all the folks that said 3 kids is a whole new world, that it’s crazy and hard to adjust to, you were right! Joel and I regularly struggle to make it through the evening hours without crashing. And once the kids are in bed it seems we have a pre-bed nap at 9:30pm! We’re exciting folks! I tell myself that it will adjust and things will level out. It’s good that we get that extra sleep because it seems our big kids are waking us up with sickness episodes kinda regularly. Josiah’s home from school today cuz he barfed last night a few times. Seems ok now, but….
With all this down time I have gotten to read my Bible more than I have in a long time. And I pray more often too. I take comfort and have faith that the annoying trials of the winter months will fade and with springtime will come the exhaustion of social engagements, late night dates, big projects, and family adventures. I plan to bloom along with the trees and flowers. And rejoice in God’s goodness! The joy is increasing!
Been enjoying the comfort of Jason Upton the last couple days. God is good, even when we’re sick, even when we’re cleaning barf and other unmentionables. He is strong when we are weak. He cares about our simple prayers like, “Please Lord, I want a shower.” Go ahead and ask for those simple things. Ask with all your heart. Your Heavenly Father wants to give you gifts, and to those of us who have been wrapped up in self sacrificing chaos of all kids, it’s those small requests that make us praise God for His goodness when we get that much needed relief. Have a good day guys, full of thankfulness. I’m off to take a shower!


One thought on “One Month

  1. Emma

    It’s so funny that you should say you have skim milk. I made the same comment to my dad about my milk. My babies do not get the rolls others do.

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