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Valentine, originally uploaded by katiek2.

We didn’t exchange gifts, we didn’t buy flowers or candy, we didn’t go out to dinner. We let everyone else do that instead. The kids got plenty of goodies from other friends and parties. Instead we enjoyed each other. I hung my Valentines chains with my dear ones names on them. I hung our handprint heart up. It needs another little hand *smile*. Playing, dancing to 80’s music until Tessa was not only quiet but fully comotose. We’ve been the recipients of so much love I have no idea how I will ever repay everyone. What little gifts will do to my heart, melt it into a unworthy puddle. I wish I had a million hours and four more hands to make handmade treasures for all of you that have loved on us. Everything from couscous and lamb to paper dolls and erasers. Thank you thank you. We feel loved and I can’t cut out enough paper hearts to fill my longing to love you all back.


One thought on “Valentine

  1. I remember I fist found you around Valentine’s Day two years ago! I have your hearts hanging in my craft room. I love your Valentines picture. You all didn’t need to go out and celebrate you have enough at home to keep you full of love.

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