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Josiah kneads, originally uploaded by katiek2.

Everytime I sit down to write I am appaled by how much time has gone by. I hold to my standards that I’m not just going to blog because that time has passed, but I will have something non-repetitive to say. My days are pretty much the same, give or take weekly activities. But this week is Spring Break. I’ve been looking forward to it, and dreading it at the same time. I do love my boy, but he’s really hard to entertain sometimes. And the fighting, ugh, I can do without the sibling rivalry. Spring Break started out with a few wet and coldish days. In order to keep myself sane (that is the goal isn’t it) I stay home on Fridays and we do a project. And we listen to 80’s music. That always keeps things peppy. We made playdough and the kids loved learning how to knead properly. I love these project days because my kids are just as fascinated with the process as they are the product. After a few days of sitting in a plastic baggie the playdough was goop, though. The next project we did was good ole crayon and wax paper stained glass. Grandpa was the recipient of these treasures since he just had a birthday.
It’s so relaxing to just be at home and work at home. I am finally finding a rhythm. That is something to be very joyful about. I still have to feed the baby 2x a night, and I still fall asleep on the couch way too early, but I’m beginning to feel good about where I am. I have some days where I wish I was more free, but mostly I just celebrate what I do have. That’s a good thing.
I have also started making art again. I have put the feelings out of my head that it has to be something that “the world” will want to buy and just accepted that this is what I must do. I’m exercizing the skills I know I have and taken the great challenge of art-making on. Its slow going because everything else seems to need to get done first, but I at least spend time on Saturday and Sunday to put some more paint down. I’m taking on The Southside again, whether you like it or not.
My #1 project, Tessa, is truckin’ right along and is continuing to be that long skinny baby. She now is the size the Josiah was AT BIRTH! 9lbs 13oz 23 in long. Crazy. Besides a couple little health hiccups she’s great. I hate leaving her, and she’s nice to stay home with. She’s sweet and smiling. What a wonderful gift!
And a must toot my man’s horn. Joel got a major promotion. In a field that he loves to work in. I don’t believe it will change the way we live very much, but having a happy husband is lifeblood for the family. I’m excited to see what happens because of this change, but I’m mostly just happy to have a happier, content husband.
There’s a report. I am starting to feel skeptical that people even read blogs anymore because of Facebook, so I may have to do a give away to see how many lurkers I still have. But most importantly, if the sun is out where you are and you haven’t gone out and enjoyed it, stop updating your Facebook status and go outside!!


2 thoughts on “Report

  1. Linda

    I still like blogs so much better. So much more of a window. I don’t really like FB, but it is fun to reconnect with people and so convenient when you can’t remember peoples e-mails and such.
    I know that the transition to three can be hard but I am glad you’re finding you’re rhthymn. Nice to see ya today.

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