I posted these pictures last night because I just couldn’t go another day without getting something on this ole blog. It’s really difficult to blog these days! Not that I don’t have thoughts to get down and memories to capture, I just physically don’t have the minutes. In fact I might be sacrificing a peaceful shower time in order to blog right now. Tessa is teething, yep, no fun. She’s not in the terrible throws of it, but it’s definately making nap times and middle of the nights a blast!!
Josiah’s year of Kindergarten is coming to an end. I can’t believe it! I want him to be in Kindergarten just a little bit longer. I am a little scared about this summer. We can’t afford summer camps and there’s only so much VBS one kid can take. I’ve got to get creative. I really really am thinking about doing an art camp. I might ask my boss if we can use the school facilities. That’d be in East Brainard though. But I feel like I’m going to have to make a schedule for what days are what this summer. Monday: grocery store, Tuesday: playground, Wednesday: playdate or other errands, Thursday: long walk or hike Friday: home activity or pool. I dunno, I haven’t thought thru it, but if I don’t I’m screwed! What do you do with your school age ones?
Every night when I put Tessa down to bed I read my Bible while I’m nursing her. This is highly unusual to my shame. I have never been a “quiet time” sorta person, but reading the Bible is one of the few things I can still do while I’m nursing a squirmy tired 4 month old. I was tapped out, I had no inkling of what I wanted to start reading, nothing leading me to a certain book. Joel had been reading the 2nd chapter of Song of Songs over and over a little while ago. And it was just as the mourning doves were starting to appear. Not much other wildlife in our ‘hood, unless you count the happy untrained pitbulls that escape from their trappings every once and a while. So without any real direction I just started to read. Letting my brain sort the “Lover” and “Beloved” role in whatever way worked. Then I was struck by how much incredible imagery is in this book! I mean there are doves all over the place: cooing of doves, doves for eyes, etc. Gazelles, cedars, goats, foxes, sheep, I mean what a visual surplus! So I’m working with it. I’m not sure if the things I’m knocking out right now will be a sucess, but I haven’t had an inspiration for much in a while and I’m excited to do some ink-watercolor-washlike paintings with animals. I’d like to keep it my own and not drift too far into a Patricia DeLeon Alfonso style. Even though I love her work!
I am procrastinating the start of a large commission. Mostly because I’m not sure if I want to ship it on or off stretchers. But it will pay and I’m so thankful, so grateful for how God constantly reminds me that I’m doing the right thing. And that He has given me so much. I am tardy in giving back. Time to dig deep.


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