Catch the Foxes

catch the foxes.jpg
This is a bamboo plate I made for CreateHere’s Zero Sum show. I’m not sure I’m super hot on it. But getting back into art making is not easy, and any inspiration is coming but the brain and fingers are somewhat out of practice. I do love a few things about this one. I loved researching the laughing dove, and seeing that it is more colorful than the mourning doves we have here. I loved painting foxes! I can’t wait to do them again.
In other news, Josiah sang with the 3rd graders and the other Kindergarten classes at Battles Art Night. It was cool to hear all the kids voices. They sang What a Wonderful World. My boy has a beautiful voice.
Josiah made a newspaper hat in art class and painted it pink. I really don’t know why except recently, to get under Eden’s skin, he claims his favorite color is pink. But when he came charging out of the school holding this pink hat he gave it straight to Eden. She loves it, she’s been wearing it every day. It’s been good to have these warm days to keep her from burning.
Then there’s Tessa, my lean green bean. She’s teething I believe. Yesterday afternoon the only thing that would soothe her was to chomp on her Papa’s thumb for a good 30 minutes. Much drool, no teeth erupting yet. Josiah had his two bottom teeth by 5 months. I’m ready for the shreaking to be over. At least for a little while.


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