Introducing the Defender of the Universe.

So I found Voltron on Netflix the other day for the kids. We’ve been trying to curb the super hero/bizzaro cartoons for various reasons, mostly because Josiah gets crazy into the character and ends up battling us too much. To the point of getting aggressive. But when I saw that I could instantly catapult myself back into my childhood with the click of a button I went for it. Man, Voltron is tedious!! The theme song and background music are haunting me. Every commercial break has and exit greeting and a welcome back greeting. AHHH! A little mind numbing. But it’s not as fast paced as some of the cartoons these days. Voltrons formation is like choreography that takes a few minutes. But it did the trick and left it’s impression for the next generation.
Josiah: “Papa!Papa! guess what we saw today! VOLTRON!
Joel: “Oh yeah? What’s Voltron?”
Josiah: “It’s a robot made out of LIONS!”
Eden: “And the lions transform into Optimus Prime!”
Josiah: “No,nononono, It’s Voltron.”
Eden: “And Papa, there’s a princess. See Josiah, I told you there was a princess!”

Defender of the Universe….awesome.


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