Four has happened again in our house. Four is hair down to the waist, 28lbs, and size 7 shoes. Four is stuffed animals covering half the bed, three different pillows and three blankets that interchange. Four is “yiddle” bites, half glasses of water, and picking out the beans in the bowl of chili. Four is tug-of-war, singing “Death is Ended” like Grandpa, “being first” and being fast. Four is friends. Four is writing notes, painting pictures, doodling in mama’s checkbook and on empty boxes. Four is talking to her baby sister in a squeaky little mommie voice. Four could go on and on, I’m so glad it’s here.
I went to my flickr photostream and typed “eden” into the search box. I spent a good hour smiling at the hilarious pictures I have of her. Remembering certain experiences. Reflecting on her fair face and beauty that I never could believe came from me. She’s four and she’s turning into quite a sweet little friend of mine. Every Mother’s Day I will always reflect on my best labor experience yet. The day I gave birth to Eden was a blessed day and I will always have a wonderful gift each year as I see her grow into a big girl with a personality that keeps me smiling, even when there’s too much of it. Happy Birthday my sweet girl, my little friend.


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