10 years

This weekend is mine and Joel’s 10th wedding anniversary. We’ve had a good mellow time celebrating it. On Tuesday night we went out without any kids and had a great meal at Blacksmith’s. Wine and cheese Tuesday! Then we went and saw Star Trek. A nice date. Then yesterday after the kids were in bed we were talking about things that we’d like to change about those first few years of marriage. Joel talked about how he felt the pressure to have a “real job” in those early days, and I talked about how I wished I had finished school and painted more. But I am excited that as we talked we thought about the next ten years. What we’d like to improve, where we’d like to be. God is so good to give us 10 years of joy, peace, love, and blessing. Let’s bring on the next ten!
I went through pictures of mine and on flickr to find pictures of Joel and I together. It’s really hard to find them! Joel and I just aren’t cuddly, photo people. We also arent’ very photogenic. But here’s some that I found from various collections.
kate and joel 2007.jpg
from cat.
kate and joel lamars.jpg
at lamar’s with darren.
and here’s the fam Christmas 2007.
for the next ten years I plan to get more pictures of us.


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